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  • ONCIDIINAE: We have a small selection of plants that are grown with our cattleyas. Plants are mostly sourced from Taiwan.

  • PHRAGMIPEDIUMS: We have a small range from which to choose from including some species. It is extremely difficult to get good plants and we find them also difficult to hybridise. We are always on the look out for more good material.

  • AUSTRALIAN NATIVE DENDROBIUMS: We have a small range, mostly concentrating on the bigger flowering types. Plants are sourced from the top Australian hybridisers in the eastern states.
  • ZYGOPETALUM: Ocassionally we buy in stock but most of our plants are hybridised by us. We specialise in the very dark coloured flowers and some new intergenerics.
  • SPECIES: We always have some species in stock especially in the paphiopedilium and cattleya groups. We do a little bit of hybridising in this area but normally buy flasks from overseas to get new material and recently found species.
  • PHALAENOPSIS: We grow our plants on a hot bed. Plants are sourced from Taiwan for they are the world’s leader in this genus.
  • LYCASTES: We have some top show bench varieties which we try to work with. It is difficult to get these to hybridise but we keep trying. Our plants in flask are now being sourced from a top hybridiser in Japan.