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Within Australia please use phone number 08 9343 2761 to place an order.
International Phone number +61 8 9343 2761
Email us via or CONTACT US page.

When you place an order please include a delivery address (please no post office boxes) and a contact phone number. A phone number is required so we can notify you of availability of plants and details of shipping dates and time.

We currently use Australia Post Express to send orchids to the eastern states. Please inform us of any special delivery requirements prior to shipping. Orders usually leave our nursery on a Monday afternoon. Travel on the midnight flights to the eastern states and are delivered to the major cities the following day or country areas the day after.

Orders are sent freight free if the order being shipped is $500 or over, otherwise a fee of $27.50 will be charged. Orders containing several, near or flowering size cymbidiums will occur extra freight fees. We will discuss freight costs with you if this occurs. Also freight costs to remote areas will be charged at a different rate. We can notify you of these costs.

Orchid plants are sent bare-rooted (taken out of their pot and their bark is removed). Plants are wrapped to reduce transpiration and dehydration.

We do not substitute unless you specify us to do so.

Payment can be made once availability of orchids have been checked. We prefer a cheque not to be sent with the order as all plants may not be available and then a refund has to be organised. Most credit cards are accepted including Mastercard, Visacard and American Express.



All our prices are quoted in Australian Dollars
Overseas orders, minimum value of order is $1,000.

We need a copy of your quarantine import permit before we can process your order.

Cost of documentation can vary and will be charged at the price we have been asked to pay. As a guide the following fees are currently being charged:

Phytosanitary certificates approximately $200 to $300, depending on length of time for inspection.

Cites document cost $68. This document can take at least 8 weeks to obtain as it has to be processed in Canberra.

Freight depends on destination and size of the order. We usually try and send air freight but can use your method when possible.

Payment can be done by money transfer or credit card. Payment will have to be organised before orchids are shipped. 



Orders over $1,000 will receive a 10% discount and those over $2,000 a 20% discount. Total order value is for orchid plants to be supplied and does not include plants that are sold out. Any special requirements or problems? Please contact us.

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