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Paph (Mildred Hunter x Via Padre Grande)'Tall Frog' x Paph Alex Szabo 'A Winner'

EZI 756
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Mildred Hunter x Via Padre Grande is registered as TB Hunter. �Tall Frog� is a spotted complex type having half of its dorsal being white with the centre being green. Black spots cover most of the dorsal. Petals are green overlaid with mahogany with greatest concentration on the top half. Labellum is a glossy mahogany colour. �A Winner� has a dorsal which has a white edge with a green centre and a dark brown, broad band through the centre. Petals are a yellow/green with a brown midline. Labellum is a green/yellow colour. Expect a range of colours including spots and a broad mahogany band through the centre of the dorsal. Complex types. This cross now registered as TB Opera.

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